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Telebionix is a medical technology company founded by experienced and passionate product designers, entrepreneurs and world renowned medical advisors. We have developed a fully integrated ‘end-to-end’ health ecosystem that captures crucial vital signs like heart rate, heart variability, blood pressure, SPO2, body temperature, eight lead ECG, and stethoscope while leveraging AI and Cloud technologies to transform healthcare delivery.

Telebionix is tapping into a 485 Billion dollar market, where our target within that is the $367B encompassing telehealth and remote patient monitoring markets. Frost and Sullivan project the telehealth market will grow at a 38.2% CAGR by 2025, and the remote patient monitoring market will hit $117B that same year.

It is time to move from the current sick-care into the era of proactive healthcare. We are bringing a complete solution that connects health services to those in need and provides doctors with an empowering tool to give the best care.

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We work with world-leading organizations, from distinguished universities to research institutions.

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We are focused on delivering exceptional value for our
customers and premium returns for our shareholders.

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